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9132B - 3 o/p

Output Rating
0-60 V (Ch1 & Ch2), 0-5 V (Ch3) Voltage
0-3 A (Ch1, Ch2), 0-3 A (Ch3) Current
375 W Power
Load Regulation
≤ 0.01%+3 mV Voltage
≤ 0.1%+3 mA Current
Line Regulation
≤ 0.01%+3 mV Voltage
≤ 0.1%+3 mA Current
Ripple & Noise
≤ 1mVrms Voltage
≤ 4 mArms Current
Temperature Coefficient (0 °C to 40 °C) ± (% output + offset) (typical)
≤ 0.03% + 10 mV Voltage
≤ 0.1% + 5 mA Current
Programming Resolution
1 mV Voltage
1 mA Current
Readback Resolution
1 mV Voltage
1 mA Current
Programming Accuracy ± (% output + offset)
≤ 0.03% + 10 mV Voltage
≤ 0.1% + 5 mA Current
Readback Accuracy ± (% output + offset)
≤ 0.03% + 10 mV Voltage
≤ 0.1% + 5 mA Current
Series Accuracy (combined mode)
≤ 0.05% + 10 mA Current
Parallel Accuracy (combined mode)
≤ 0.02% + 5 mV Voltage
≤ 0.1% + 20 mA Current
≤90 μs Ch1,Ch2 Transient Response Time1
≤80 μs Ch3
≤100 ms Ch1,Ch2 Rising Time at
Full Load / No Load
≤100 ms Ch3
≤5 ms Ch1,Ch2 Falling Time at
Full Load
≤4.5 ms Ch3
≤5 s Ch1,Ch2 Falling Time at
No Load
≤150 ms Ch3
4 memory groups with 9 locations in each group Memory
0.1 - 99999.9 seconds Timer
USB (USBTMC-compliant), GPIB, RS-232 Remote Interface
110/220 VAC (+/- 10 %), 47 Hz - 63 Hz AC Input
32 °F to 104 °F (0 °C to 40 °C), relative humidity up to 80% Operating Temperature
-4 °F to 158 °F (-20 °C to 70 °C) Storage Temperature
8.45” x 3.47” x 17.52” (214.5 x 88.2 x 445 mm) Dimensions (W x H x D)
33.07 lbs. (15 kg) Weight
Three-Year Warranty
Power cord, instruction manual, test report, and certificate of calibration Standard Accessories
IT-E151 rack mount kit Optional Accessories
“1” Following a change in output current from 10% to 100% load with output recovery to within 15 mV.
Note: All specifications apply to the unit after a temperature stabilization time of 15 minutes over an ambient temperature range of 23 °C ± 5 °C.


The 9130B Series triple output linear programmable DC power supplies feature isolated outputs that can be adjusted independently or combined in series or parallel to output higher voltage or current. Additionally, these supplies can operate in tracking mode with user-configurable ratios between channels.
The front panel keys and rotary knob with convenient cursors let users quickly set voltage and current values.
Up to 36 different instrument settings can be saved and recalled.
The power-on state of the outputs can also be configured. For remote control, the standard USB (USBTMCcompliant), RS232, and GPIB interfaces supporting SCPI commands can be used to remotely control the power supplies via a PC. Alternatively, users can control the power supply, execute test sequences or log measurements using the provided PC software application. This software also integrates with Data Dashboard for LabVIEW apps enabling iOS, Android, or Windows 8 compatible tablets or smartphones to remotely monitor select measurement indicators.
These power supplies are suitable for a wide range of applications including production testing, telecommunications, R&D, electronic service, and labs.


  • Three independent and electrically isolated outputs
  • Displays voltage and current settings for all three channels simultaneously
  • Low noise, linear regulation
  • High programming and readback resolution of 1 mV / 1 mA
  • Series and parallel modes combine channels to increase the output voltage or current
  • Tracking mode allows users to set up channels to maintain a programmed ratio
  • Fully programmable channels with Output On/Off control
  • Store and recall up to 36 instrument settings
  • Remote sense
  • Timer-controlled output function adjustable from 0.1 – 99999.9 s
  • Standard USB (USBTMC-compliant), RS232, and GPIB interfaces supporting SCPI commands for remote control
  • NI certified LabVIEW driver and softpanel for remote control, test sequence generation, and datalogging available
  • Overvoltage (OVP) and overtemperature (OTP) protection including keylock function
  • Compact 19” half-rack form factor allows for side-by-side rack mounting of two units
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