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  • Remote Programmable via USB to computer
  • 20 programmable sets of V, I & cycle periods for repetitive operation up to 999 cycles 
  • 3 user defined V & I panel presets for frequent use
  • Analogue Remote Control of V, I, & output On-Off without computer
  • Rotary encoder knob with definitive action of fine and coarse tuning
  • Smart cooling fan speed control from zero to full speed
  • Self diagnostic check on LED display and cooling fan on start up
  • Isolated ground, Active PFC & high power efficiency
  • Universal AC input
  • Over load, Tracking Over Voltage Protections
  • Constant Current limit setting with output open circuit

Following up on the success of our HCS series high power supplies, we come up with this new range of low power supplies based on the feedbacks from end users.
We add an USB port for access to computer to run cyclical operation with programmable voltage, current, period timeand cycles.
The on-housing presets, separate remote control, rotary encoder dual action control for easy tuning of voltage and current, and all the features of the original HCS are kept. In addition it is of universal AC input voltage.
It is probably the most cost effective Remote Programmable Power supply with such advanced features and protections. It is ideal for laboratory, university, work shop, production, quality control and sophisticated DIY applications.

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