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Variable Output Voltage 1 - 60VDC
Variable Output Current 0 - 15A
Voltage Regulation
Load (10 - 100% Load) ≤50mV
Line (170 - 264VAC Variation) ≤20mV
Current Regulation
Load (10 - 90% Rated Voltage) ≤100mA
Line (170 - 264VAC Variation) ≤50mA
Ripple & Noise
Ripple & Noise (r.m.s.) Voltage ≤5mV
Ripple & Noise (peak-peak) Voltage ≤100mV
Switching Frequency 65 - 85KHz~
Tracking Over Voltage Protections O/P 1-5V : set voltage +2V
O/P 5-20V : set voltage +3V
O/P 20-60V : set voltage +4V
Meter Type & Accuracy
Voltage Meter 3 Digit LED Display ±(0.2% +3counts)
Current Meter 3 Digit LED Display ±(0.2% +3counts)
Input Voltage 200 - 240VAC 50/60Hz~ (or on request)
Full Load Input Current 4.5A
Efficiency ≥90%
Power Factor Control Power factor correction >0.97 at optimal load
Cooling Method Thermostatic Control Fan from Zero to full speed
Protections Overload, Short Circuit by Constant Current, Output Tracking 
Over Voltage, Over Temperature
Special Features 3 User defined V & I preset, Analogue Remote control V, I and output on-off,
Remote Sensing (only for HCS-3600)
Approvals CE EMC: EN 55011, 55022 LVD: EN 60950, 61010
Dimensions (WxHxD) 200x90x275 mm 7.9x3.5x10.8 inch
Weight 3.2 kg 7 lbs


  • Rotary Encoder Control Knob with coarse & fine tuning
  • 3 user defined V & I presets (recalls)
  • Analogue Remote Control of V, I and output on-off
  • High RFI immunity & excellent EMI
  • Isolated ground, Active PFC & high power efficiency
  • Intelligent fan control from zero to full speed
  • Remote Sensing (HSC-3600 only)
  • Over load, Over Temperature & Tracking Over Voltage protections


This range of high graded SMPS is designed for a wide range of
applications for telecommunications, laboratory and industry.
The power efficient circuit designs allow units to have small form
factor with low profile and small footprint casings.
The intelligent fan speed control program checks the fan at
power on and adapts the right speed to ensure a quiet and safe
operation of the power supply at different ambient temperatures
and power output levels.
The dual action (coarse & fine set) control knobs make tuning the
voltage and current level ever so smooth, precise and fast, due to
the rotary encoder and microprocessor control. Setting the CC
current limiting can be done in open circuit at output poles.
The isolated ground construction allow parallel and series
connection of power supplies with ease and safety.
The three user defined presets of voltage and current limiting
levels facilitate quick access to frequently used VI settings. The full
remote control functionality offer a wide range of operation
possibilities for the industrial and more sophisticated users.

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