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100 - 240VAC Input Voltage Range
≤0.13A No Load Input Current at 230VAC
≤0.5A Full Load Input Current at 230VAC
50 - 60Hz~ AC Input Frequency
≥78% Efficiency
≥0.9 Power Factor
Constant Voltage and Current Range Selection:
Auto range with maximum output power 80W (V x A ≤80) 0.5-36V / 0-5A
Constant Voltage Characteristics:
10mV Adjust Resolution 
≤30mV Load Regulation (0 - 100%)
≤4mV Line Regulation (±10%)
≤35mV ConstRipple & Noise (peak-peak)
Constant Current Characteristics:
10mA Adjust Resolution
≤10mA Load Regulation (0 - 100%)
≤10mA Line Regulation (±10%)
±0.5% +5counts Voltmeter & Ammeter Accuracy
Yes User adjustable upper current & voltage limits
3 Number of preset recalls of frequent use V&I setting
Yes Remote Sensing
Ramp Step Irregular Waveform Functions
10 Number Voltage Level Setting
0 to 1200 seconds Settable Output Time Period of each Voltage Level
Output ON/OFF, Voltage & Current Control, Selection of Voltage and Current Range, Programmable of cyclic output and data logging of output Remote Programmable / Control by PC
Over voltage protection, Current limiting protection, Short circuit, Overload, Over temperature Protection
USB 2.0 Standard Communication Port
Ethernet Control, Factory or User install Optional Interface
Master / Slave Control Additional Function
CE EMC: EN 55011 LVD: EN 61010 Approvals
Natural Convection Cooling Method
53.5x127x330 mm 2x5x13 inch Dimensions (WxHxD)
Approx. 1.9 kgs 4.2 lbs Weight

Remote Programmable Constant Power SMPS with DC wave forms & Optional Ethernet Card.
This multi-function constant power laboratory grade power supply is capable of generating various DC wave forms.
A micro-processor is used for such DC waveform. There are 10 voltage generators which can either be panel programmed or by PC via remote control port.

Remote Programming of repetitive cycling, control, monitoring and data logging can be done via the USB port.
With optional Ethernet card it is capable of Internet connectivity and control , monitor, data log over 250 supplies by one PC. Application software of cyclic program , command sets , and Labview Drivers are provided. As a 80W Constant Power laboratory grade power supply it has an automatic range of 0.5- 36V and 0 -5A. 

The maximum limits of current & voltage are calculated by Imax x Vmax = 80W.
Its operation voltage and current spectrum is larger than 3 conventional power supplies of the same power rating. 
The power supply is ideal for R&D laboratory, burn in test especially for devices where the effect of irregular DC wave forms are important. 
Master & Slave configuration with HR-80 and HRZ-80 for parallel connection of multiple units up to 30 Units.



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