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OPM Series
Linear Programmable DC Power Supply

High Precision, High Responsibility, High Efficiency Dual Channel (Basic) & Multi Channel up to 255CH

OPM Series is high-precision, high-accuracy Programmable DC Power Supply with SCPI (Standard Commands for Programmable Instruments) Protocol GPIB(IEEE-488 2)와 RS-232C communication and designed to be equipped in 3U*19inch Half-Rack GPIB(IEEE-488.2)와 RS-232C communication, and designed to be equipped in 3U*19inch Half-Rack.

  • Over-voltage (O.V.P) / over-current (O.C.P) protection / P.S.P protection
  • OPM Series can store and recall up to 10 operation states (voltage and electric current, OVP, OCP).)
  • Able to store and confirm up to 10 error messages
  • Self-diagnosis test mode
  • Factory function provided (11 diverse functions provided)
  • Insulation among output channels
  • RS-232C standard (GPIB option


Let˙s use the powerful store function!
OPM Series can store and recall up to 10 voltage and current, OVP, OCP that the user sets up. Even when a user is not an engineer, the user can use it for the production and product inspection, reliability test with the function for recalling the pre-set and stored data.


Choice for the engineers!
OPM Series enables remote control of the Power Supply by using SCPI command language. Because it is possible to use numerous Power Supply and measurement devices by linking them together when using the GPIB, materialization and application of diverse functions such as product data collection at the FA and research centers will be optimal for your solution.

Do you want to configure many channels with precise device?
Even starting from the development stage, OPM Series was formed in a way that the multi channel output can be configured easily. The method that entails controlling through the Windows Application and by connecting the existing single product using merely the parallel was burdensome since the system development cost was not effective due to the need to develop Controller and Display parts that overlap and the communication interface. OPM Series solved these problems and developed rational and effective production line and inspection line to market the highly precise multi-channel Programmable DC Power Supply that is required for the activation of the mechanical device.

Connect the power supply of different capacity!
Did you already purchase our company˙s OPM Series power supply? Do you want to purchase Source One additionally, but your budget is not sufficient? ODA Technologies will help you. Because you already have our Controller, you can add on the perfect Programmable DC Power Supply by purchasing the Power Supply Module alone. Controller can connect up to 255 Power Supply Modules. Moreover, there is simply no problem for configuring the system since it is not affected by the voltage, current and capacity that are different from each other.

Experience the upgraded stability
Even when the equipment˙s internal temperature changes or even when there are external factors that influence while conducting test for a long time due to the Temperature Compensation Circuit and real-time measurement Compensation Circuit that are applied to the OPM Series, it is possible to conduct test in an accurate and stable manner while maintaining the set up voltage.


Selection of precise power supply
Power supplier that outputs voltage by detecting self output alone may not be as accurate as desired by a user. This product can provide increasingly precise power by conducting compensation output when it comes to the voltage that can be otherwise lost due to the specific resistance such as cable. OPM Series provides output at the rear side, and can use through the sensing terminal at the output at the rear side.

Controlling various channels at once
If single channel power supply per producer was supplied to your mass production system, replace it with the two channels power supply that supports our company˙s Tracking mode! There is no need to set up many channels voltage, current, which is burdensome. Instead, you only need to press on one button, the Tracking mode button, which in turn sets up all the channels in the same way with one setting when it comes to the voltage, current and all the functions.

on key desired by customer
Factory Mode that is included in the OPM Series remembers the power ON/OFF by each channel, and voltage and electric current used most recently. Likewise, these are remembered even when the main power is turned off and then turned on. Likewise, 11 convenient functions such as the setting up the speed of sampling when it comes to the voltage and current value that is displayed are provided.

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