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High Voltage Power Supplies

Precision High Voltage solutions for a range of end-user and OEM applications (including defense power supplies applications.) 

Merging more than 30 years of precision power design with the high voltage expertise and technology of UltraVolt and HiTek Power, Advanced Energy® now provides a comprehensive portfolio of standard and custom high voltage components to precisely match system specifications and provide unparalleled energy quality.



Enhanced System Innovation

Through close customer collaboration, application insight, and superior power quality, AE enables you to push the boundaries of innovation and stay ahead of evolving market needs. 

Compelling Value

AE high voltage product flexibility, ease of integration, and world-class support provide significant value, improving system manufacturing and performance.

Optimized System Performance

Reliable, accurate high voltage power delivery elevates the performance of your entire system. AE pairs industry-leading technology with unmatched application expertise to implement solutions optimized for the exacting requirements of a variety of industries, including semiconductor, analytical instruments, medical, industrial test and instrumentation, and aerospace/defense.



Ion implantation; Scanning electron microscopes; Spectroscopy; Mass spectrometry; Ion beam systems; Food inspection; Flow Cytometry; Process control X-ray; Capillary Electrophoresis; Industrial lasers; Medical lasers; Intense pulsed light; Electron beam welding; Industrial ink jet printing; Process control; Capacitive charging; Medical devices; Scientific instrumentation



See below some of the AE's standard High Voltage Solutions: