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0~30V, 0~3A 2CH Output rating
≤ 7.5mV / ≤ 1mA Programming/Readback
100mV / 10mA Display Meter
Programming Accuracy (@25°C±5°C) ± (%of output + offset)
0.2% + 200mV Voltage
0.2% + 15mA Current
Read-back Accuracy (@25°C ±5°C) ± (%of output + offset)
0.2% + 200mV Voltage
0.2% + 15mA Current
≤ 2mVp-p, ≤ 2mArms Ripple & Noise
Voltage Programming Speed (No load)
≤ 40ms Rising time
≤1.2s Falling time
213 x 88 x 362 (Dimension (WxHxD / mm


OPE-QI Series
Linear Programmable DC Power Supply 
Economical type, 4 Channels (2 variable output, 2 fixed output) OPE-QI Series is high performance programmable DC power supply with RS232C or RS485 interface based on SCPI (Standard Commands for Programmable Instruments) protocol and the combination of bench-top and system features in these power supplies provides versatile solutions for your design and test requirements in the industrial fields, R&D institute center and education fields.


  • Two isolated variable output provided
  • Fixed output that enables the selection of 5 V/ 2 A & 3.3 V/ 2 A is provided
  • Fixed output that enables the selection of 15 V/ 1 A & 12 V/ 1 A is provided
  • OUTPUT ON/OFF function provided
  • Tracking Mode (two outputs controlled at the same time) provided
  • Save and Recall up to five(5) operation states (Voltage, Current)
  • 19”Half x 2U slim size (less than 300 W)
  • RS-232C standard (RS-485 Option)


Two channels can be controlled at once.

If single channel power supply was supplied for each producer when it comes to your company’s mass production system, replace it with the power supply in two channels that supports our company’s tracking mode!
There is no need to set up two channels’ voltage and current which is cumbersome.
Instead, pressing simply one button, the tracking mode button can set up two channels in the same way using only one setting for the voltage, current and all the functions.


Save and Recall Voltage and Current set by user easily 
OPE Series can store and recall the voltage and current set by user.
Even when a user is not an engineer, the user can use it easily for the production, product inspection, reliability test etc., with the Store and Recall function that set up and stored in advance.


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